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Since 2016 the IEE has been building bridges to institutions in Cuba focused on sustainable energy.  In 2017 we brought 17 students and faculty there as part of a noncredit Renewable Energy Study Tour.  In 2019, as part of the Environmental Law Center's new course, Global Sustainability Field Study, we brought 31 students and faculty to Havana during the week of Thanksgiving to study energy and agricultural sustainability.  Shared here are some of the images of what we saw, who we met and what we learned.  Plans are underway to return in 2020.

VLS and CUJAE Students Talking
Students from the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE) and VLS discuss common interests.





Cuban Energy Policy Lecture at CUJAE
The Director of the Center for the Study of Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER) lectures on the Cuban energy transition.




UH Lecture on Cuban Policy
University of Havana expert on American Studies discusses Cuban and U.S. policy issues, including the harmful U.S. embargo.




Professor Tejeda Greets VLS Students
University of Havana law professor Dr. Natacha Mesa Tejeda welcomes VLS students during their 2017 visit to her University.




Lecture at University of Havana Faculty of Law
In 2017 the VLS students were welcomed to the University of Havana School of Law by the Dean and heard lectures on the Cuban constitution, environmental law and renewable energy investment law.




Professor Conrado Moreno talks renewable energy on a Havana rooftop
Our friend Professor Conrado Moreno gives us a talk about renewable energy on the scenic and sustainable rooftop of the Havana home of the Presidente of CubaSolar during our visit in 2017.




Fernando gives a walking lecture of the farm.
Fernando Funes gives a walking tour of his organic farm Finca Marta in Artemisa Province, which employs 18 and is leading Cuban agriculture toward a unique definition of agriculture and energy sustainability.




Finca Marta Thanksgiving Day Lunch
Fernando and his wife Claudia help Global Sustainability Field Study students enjoy a Cuban version of Thanksgiving day lunch following the Finca Marta tour and lecture.




Discussion of Biodigesters at La Puerta del Sabino
Discussion of the production and use of biogas at the local farm La Puerta del Sabino in Pinar del Rio Province with the farmer, local officials and CubaSolar staff.




Tour of the farm's biodigesters
Tour of the farm's biodigesters which produce biogas from pig manure. The biogas is used on the farm for cooking and water heating and will soon be shared with neighboring farms.  Adjacent to the farm is the 2.2 MW Paso Real solar project which was built since our last visit.




The VLS Students at University of Havana
Our visit to the University of Havana in 2017 with us are our guides Lily Perez (front) and Armando Vilaseca (back).




VLS students getting a fabulous tour of Havana's Museo Bellas Artes
Taking in some Cuban culture at the fabulous Museo Bellas Artes Cubano. We were fortunate to view the special contemporary art exhibit from the recent 500 year anniversary of Havana.




The ornate Cuban Capitol following renovations.
Following 8 years of renovations we toured the gorgeous Cuban Capitol Building.




An evening walk along Havana's iconic Malecon.
An evening walk along Havana's iconic Malecon, an experience no one should miss out on.




VLS visits Habana Vieja
A 2019 group photo in Old Havana. It was hard to leave Cuba but we look forward to returning in 2020 and continuing to build stronger bonds with our Cuban neighbors as we each work for a cleaner energy future.