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Vermont Supreme Court at VLGS

19 Mar 2024

Vermont Supreme Court at VLGS

9:00am - 12:00pm

Oakes Hall - Room 109


The Vermont Supreme Court will be hearing three cases on the Vermont Law and Graduate School campus on Tuesday, March 19.

Please note that Court rules will apply. All cell phones must be silenced and may not be used to record from the gallery orally or visually. Security personnel will check any items you bring into the room (including backpacks and purses), which will lengthen the wait time to enter the courtroom. It is recommended that you leave non-essential items at home to expedite this process. Neither the Court, nor VLGS will be responsible for any personal belongings.

Each hearing will be livestreamed and can be viewed via


9 a.m. ET: RSD Leasing, Inc. v. Navistar International Corp.

10 a.m. ET: State of Vermont v. Eileen Ettore

11 a.m. ET: Shirley Ann Carpin v. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp., et al.

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