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Christa Shute
IEE Graduate

Christa Shute

Staff Attorney
NH Office of the Consumer Advocate

JD, Vermont Law School, 2013

Christa Shute


Christa Shute is a Staff Attorney for the NH Office of the Consumer Advocate. In her role, Christa works electric, gas and water cases in front of the NH Public Utility Commission on behalf of residential ratepayers.

Christa has two decades of experience in leadership in non-profit, and corporate entities. Her curiosity drives her to understand the complexity and nuance of situations so she can envision how to break through barriers and find win/win solutions. In addition to running her own design and manufacturing businesses, Christa has been the Vice President of Business Development for All Earth Renewables, the Director of Business Development and Financing for the Vermont Telecom Authority, and the Director of Targeted Implementation for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (Efficiency Vermont). Christa Shute earned her JD, magna cum laude, in 2013 with certificates in Energy Law, Climate Law, and Dispute Resolution.