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Carina Roselli JD'13

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Soldiering On

Above the dry Mergapan Valley in Iraqi Kurdistan, Carina Roselli returns to the scene of war crimes against the environment. As a U.S. Army officer and helicopter pilot, Roselli had a bird’s-eye view of the damage wrought by years of conflict and mismanagement to the fabled, once-lush marshes of southern Iraq—an experience that led her to become dedicated to the restoration of degraded wetlands. Currently a visiting attorney with the Environmental Law Institute, Roselli became a partner at a Washington-based international consulting firm in August 2014. Her areas of expertise could serve as an advertisement for Vermont Law School: natural resource conflict prevention, environmental peacebuilding, post-conflict natural resource management. She continues to serve the country as chief instructor at the Vermont National Guard’s Officer Candidate School in Northfield.

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