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Current Student Allison Berg JD/MERL'21 on Why VLS

October 26, 2020

Hometown: Oakland Valley, New York

Why Vermont Law School?: Vermont Law School offers an unparalleled quantity and quality of courses taught by established industry experts. Plus, its rural setting contributes to the close-knit community and opportunities to meet and engage with faculty and staff. Being in a rural setting helps me focus on my studies because the gorgeous location provides quality downtime and a variety of outdoor activities. Opportunities to study abroad internationally help create connections and an understanding that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Further, our alumni are doing amazing things in so many different industries around the world.

Why the Master of Energy Regulation and Law(MERL)?: Energy Law and Regulation is a complex field with a long history. Carbon emissions from energy production is a large contributor to climate change. With technology available through renewable generation, the clean energy transition is an economic, regulatory, and social issue. The MERL degree highlights the technicalities of the industry: federal versus state regulatory jurisdiction, physical limitations of the grid, and an overview of the political backdrop.  All play an important part in understanding the problem, which provides an opportunity to solve it. The Institute for Energy and the Environment provides clinical and research opportunities that provide a hands-on approach to complement theories and concepts of the coursework.

Dream Job: My dream job is finding a way to use social platforms to breakdown information asymmetry to rationalize decision making in order to foster a global community.