Master of Energy Regulation and Law (MERL)

The Master of Energy Regulation and Law (MERL) degree program focuses on law and policy governing energy use, production, and transmission. Students can complete the 30-credit program in as little as 12 months but can take up to five years to obtain their degree. Our focus is on the energy policy of the future.

Vermont Law School's MERL program responds to the rapid growth of the alternative energy sector as well as the environmental problems associated with traditional energy production. The emergence of a smart electric grid and the prospects for electrifying the transportation sector are revolutionizing the energy field. Well-trained professionals with the MERL degree are needed to be effective agents of change in business, economics, public policy, nonprofit administration, and law.

MERL students choose electives from more than 50 courses in energy and environmental law taught by the world-renowned faculty of Vermont Law School. Energy courses are taught by faculty associated with the law school's highly respected Institute for Energy and the Environment.

The Master of Energy Regulation and Law program provides students with practical training in public advocacy and writing for a legal policy audience, opportunities for independent research with support from faculty, and externships at organizations around the country and the world. MERL students also may apply to work as Research Associates in our leading Institute for Energy and the Environment and are eligible to apply to our unique, year-round Energy Clinic which is focused on community renewable energy development.

The MERL at VLS is unlike any other energy policy program in regards to the availability of both in-depth class room education and hands-on experiential opportunities. "Our passion and special training," says Professor Kevin Jones, "is concerned with the energy policy of the future. That's our strength -- and that's where we're placing our graduates."

The MERL can also be obtained online. Our online students may also choose to visit our campus for a one to three week specialized summer course and apply to visit us for a semester to gain hands-on experience in our Energy Clinic.

For more information on the MERL download our graduate program view book.