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Study Carrels at the Library

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study carrels on campus level

Study carrels are single-seat desks equipped with a power outlet, built-in light, and small book shelf. If you do not need a reserved seat in the library for daily study, additional study space options are listed at the bottom of this page.

reserving a carrel

The study carrel reservation system is active at the beginning of each semester. The reservation period is for an entire semester, and students may reserve one and only one carrel per term. Note that space for carrels is limited and the reservation process can be competitive, particularly in the fall semester. Be sure to pay attention to the opening date and time and review the reservation process below so that you are well prepared.

Before making a study carrel reservation please review the Study Carrel Policy [PDF].

Summer 2024 applications will open on the first day of classes, Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 8:00 am.

Bar studiers may contact Rhonda Murphy for an early carrel reservation.

Study Carrel Locations and Abbreviations

Carrels are located on each of the 4 floors of the library building. It is a good idea to visit the library a few days before the signup date and think about which area you might prefer.

Basement Level is quiet with no distractions from outside. Example: B03 Basement

Parking Lot Level

  • Microfiche side is near Study Room 2, away from the noise of the stairs and bathrooms. Example: P12 Microfiche PL
  • Driveway side is closer to the bathrooms and water fountain, with natural light from windows. Example: P58 Driveway PL

Campus (aka Main) Level has natural light and easy access from the lobby. It can also be a bit less quiet than the lower levels of the building. Example: M20 Campus

Loft Level

  • Environmental Reading Room has beautiful views but can pick up noise from the library lobby. Example: ERR04: Loft
  • Loft carrels are located in the back of the building adjacent to the environmental collection; this area is a bit quieter. Example: L07 Loft.

How to use the Study Carrel Reservation system

You must complete all steps in order to make a reservation.

On the opening date, click the "Reserve a Study Carrel" button on the library home page.

The button will look like this:

Reserve a Study Carrel


Step 1:

Navigate to your preferred carrel location using the numbers on the bottom left of the table.

at the bottom of the seat selection table, use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc to navigate to another location


Click any green box next to your chosen carrel. The entire row of boxes will change to yellow to show your selection for the current date range. (Don’t be concerned with the ending date displayed; your reservation will be for the entire semester.)

An image of a reservation in progress showing a yellow reserved date line.

If you select the wrong seat by mistake, click the small trash can icon to deselect the one you chose, then pick a different seat.

Click the blue "Submit Times" button at the bottom of the page to move to the next step.

Step 2:

Review Terms and Conditions and click the blue "Continue" button to move to the last step.

click the continue button at the bottom of the terms & conditions page

Step 3.

Select your Status from the drop down box, agree to terms and conditions, and click the blue "Submit My Booking" button.

click the submit my booking button to complete the process

A confirmation message will appear on the screen and a confirmation email will go to your VLGS email address.

Check your email inbox for your reservation confirmation.

Remember that you must complete all of these steps in order to make a reservation. For any questions please feel free to stop by the library Information Desk or send an email.

Other study and seating options at the library

Study rooms are for group study and can be reserved in a two-hour time slot per day. Each has a white board, table and chairs. We encourage quiet group study, but please be aware these rooms are not noise-proof.

Additional seating options include tables and soft furnishings scattered throughout the library and the green-labeled “Open" carrels which are available for daily use. These are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please do not leave materials in any of these locations overnight.

Happy studying!