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A two-day solutions conference focused gathering for leaders and community members engaged in accelerating a localizing movement in our region. We are working on systemic renewal in an age of climate crisis, economic injustice, and frayed democratic systems. This convening will forge new relationships and pathways toward improved localization of our economy, culture, democratic institutions, systems of energy, health and education, movements for justice, and other areas of intersection. We will learn from each other while bringing localization to the forefront of people's imagination in our work toward a more resilient planet. BALE (Building A Local Economy) is leading this session.

The session for this event took place October 21–22, 2017 in the Chase Center at Vermont Law School.

You can watch the session in its entirety below.


Frances Moore Lappé: “From Ego-mind to Eco-mind” Panel

Class, Race and Ethnicity: Oppression, Community, and Action Panel

Systems View Panel with Frances Moore Lappé and Susan Clark “Is This What Democracy Looks Like?” Panel

Network Session: Jonathan Rosenthal (New Economy Coalition), Nina Smolyar (New England Resilience and Transition), Ruah Swennerfelt (Transition Town US)

Helena Norberg-Hodge “Localization and Diversity: Addressing the Roots of Ethnic, Racial and Religious Conflict”

Systems View Panel: Gus Speth, Helena Norberg- Hodge, and Jim Tull “Building the Localization Movement: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Featured speakers

Frances Moore Lappe

Small Planet Institute

Jonathan Rosenthal

New Economy Coalition

Helena Norberg Hodge

Local Futures

Chuck Collins

Institute for Policy Studies

Sherri Mitchell

Land Peace Foundation and Penobscot tribal elder

Gus Speth

New Economy Law Center

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman

State of Vermont

Christine Hanna

State of Vermont

Mark Hughes

Justice For All VT


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