New Economy Law Center Fellows

Jim Antal
Conference Minister and President
Shalanda Baker
Associate Professor of Law
Laurie Beyranevand
Senior Faculty Fellow for Food Law and Policy
Professor of Law
Senior Fellow of the New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Health Law; Administrative Law; Food Law and Policy

David Bollier
Cofounder, Commons Strategies Group
Robin Broad
Professor of International Development
Peter Brown
Marta Ceroni
Executive Director
Joshua Farley
Associate Professor
Anna Grear
Professor of Law and Theory
Richard Howarth
Chair, Environmental Studies Program
Editor-in-Chief, Ecological Economics
Professor of Economics
Faculty Director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Kevin Jones
Professor of Energy Technology and Policy

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation; Clean Air Act; Climate Change; Air Pollution

John Kassel
Of Counsel, Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel and Hand
President Emeritus, Conservation Law Foundation
Sarah Krakoff
Schaden Chair for Experiential Learning and Professor
Annie Leonard
Executive Director
Martha McCluskey
William J. Magavern Faculty Scholar
Bill McKibben
Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Residence in Environmental Studies
Author, Environmentalist
Janelle Orsi
Co-Founder and Director
Senior Counsel
Professor of Law

Expertise: Climate Change; Endangered Species; Natural Resources Law and Management; Public Lands; Water Rights and Allocation; Wetlands and Water Resources

Frank Pasquale
Professor of Law
Will Raap
Founder and Chairman
Laurie Ristino
Associate Professor of Law
Senior Fellow of the New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Farm Bill; Climate Change; Ecosystem Services; Land Conservation

Melissa Scanlan
Professor of Law
Co-Founder and Director, New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Water Rights and Allocation; Environmental Law

Linda Sheehan
Executive Director

Expertise: Environmental Law; Environmental Ethics

Co-Founder, New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Climate Change; Environmental Ethics

Jennifer Taub
Professor of Law

Expertise: Corporate Governance; Financial Market Regulation

Mary Wood
Philip H. Knight Professor, Faculty Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program