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Vermont Law School will continue with mostly virtual classes during the spring semester, however limited on-campus classes and access to campus services will be offered. For information on campus access, health and safety protocols, and testing requirements please visit
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General Practice courses provide students with real-life experience, and prepare them for the many varied scenarios of the legal world.

Courses: General Practice Program

7823/Bankruptcy - Landlord-Tenant Relations

A simulation-based introduction to consumer bankruptcy. Students interview prospective bankruptcy client,  prepare bankruptcy schedules, learn about the role of the bankruptcy trustee,  determine the appropriate bankruptcy chapter for each client; discern whether any litigation may arise within the bankruptcy case; and argue motions on behalf of their clients.

7810/Commercial Transactions

A simulation-based introduction to the negotiation, drafting, performance and enforcement of such agreements in a simulation context, with a particular emphasis on the interpretation and understanding of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, and an overview of the impact of U.C.C. Articles 9 (secured transactions) and 3 (negotiable instruments) as they impact on these transactions.

7816/Employment Law - Pre-Trial Litigation

Explores the anatomy of a lawsuit by challenging students to learn substantive employment principles and apply those principles to an employment dispute.  Students learn pretrial strategies by representing either the employer or the employee from the initial client contact until the eve of trial.  

7811/Environmental Problem Solving

Through case studies, simulations, attending hearings, statutory and regulatory analysis, written and oral projects, students develop skills in problem-solving, interviewing, negotiation, counseling, public relations, professional ethics, oral and written communication, agenda setting, and community leadership.

7821/Estate Planning

A simulation-based introduction to estate planning and probate including the law of wills, testamentary and inter vivos trusts, basic probate of wills, basic income and estate tax considerations, powers of attorney, and ethical and malpractice issues.

7814/International Intellectual Property

An introduction to the legal issues involved in the production of creative and artistic works across national boundaries. Students advise simulated clients on substantive international copyright policy issues and a complete a cross border transaction relevant to the creation of an artistic work.

7815/Municipal Law

A simulation-based introduction to the various issues faced by lawyers representing local government entities. Students will participate in and become familiar with the procedures for challenging or defending actions taken by municipalities.

7812/Real Estate Transactions

A simulation-based survey of  real estate transactions.  Students search, review, and analyze titles; counsel clients; negotiate real estate transactions; and draft of documents for real estate closings.

7818/Representing Entrepreneurial Business

Explores the basic stages of setting up an entrepreneurial business, raising finance for it, and selling it as a going concern. Issues addressed will include understanding the basic concerns of business planning from the client perspective, choosing the form of entity, dealing with the regulatory requirements for raising capital, and questions relating to the attorney-client relationship. Projects will include the drafting of documents for a number of simulated business transactions.