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Towards Equitable and Just Food Systems: Exploring Food Justice, Food Sovereignty, and Ending Food Apartheid Policy & Practice

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Words matter. The words we use frame our understanding of the assets, needs, vision, value, culture, and experiences of a community and shape our thinking on policy change efforts.

Developed by the Healthy Food Policy Project, this report explores terminology used to describe efforts to create just and equitable food systems. It features definitions, policy examples, recommended reading, perspectives from leaders and activists, and discussion questions to prompt insightful conversations with colleagues, communities, and policymakers. 

This resource focuses on three important approaches or frameworks for advancing equity in the food system: food justice, food sovereignty, and food apartheid, and explores each framework individually, building upon definitions from those working on these issues on the ground. 

“Towards Equitable and Just Food Systems” encourages reflection, wider understanding, and discussion on the ways in which our food system was built on structural racism and white supremacy, providing policy examples and inspiration from those leveraging our food system to build a more equitable society that serves us all. 

This resource was developed by the Healthy Food Policy Project team, including the Public Health Law Center, the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, and the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health