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The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems works with partners across the country to create standalone reports, issue briefs, and other resources for food system stakeholders. Browse the list of standalone reports below, and visit our projects page to learn more about our ongoing projects that encompass a wider range of resources. 


Headshots of the summer internsDefining Local Food: An Analysis of State Approaches and Challenges

“Local” is frequently used to describe food in both the law and the marketplace—but the term remains largely undefined. And when it comes to local food legislation, that vagueness can make it difficult to meet policy goals and evaluate impacts. This report examines the term “local” from a legal perspective. It also draws from a nationwide scan of state policies to compare different approaches to defining the term. We hope it will be useful to policymakers, researchers, and advocates who are involved in creating or evaluating local food legislation. View the report »​​​​​​

Call for Papers: The International Encyclopedia of Restorative Justice, North America VolumeDefining and Regulating Agritourism

While many of us have a vague idea of what agritourism means, there’s no standard legal definition—and policies are evolving quickly. That’s why CAFS released a report comparing state agritourism laws across the country and identifying legislative trends. The goal is to assist policymakers in drafting effective agritourism legislation addressing key areas like liability, zoning, fundings, taxation, and licensing. Read more »​​​​​​