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The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems develops tools and resources for food and agricultural stakeholders across the country. Ahead, learn more about how we’re lending our law and policy expertise to build a more sustainable, just, and equitable food system. 

A painting of farmworkers in a field
Food System Worker Law and Policy Project
Exposing gaps in laws and policies that affect the health and safety of workers throughout the food chain.
A red barn on a green field.
Blueprint for a National Food Strategy
Examining the need for a cohesive national approach to food system regulation through legal and scholarly research.
A colorful assortment of vegetables.
Healthy Food Policy Project
Local level policy resources to increase access to healthy food.
A patchwork of different green crops on a farm as seen from above.
Farm Bill Law Enterprise
Recommending policy solutions for farm bill legislation to better reflect the long-term needs of our society. 
An illustration of farmers harvesting in the field.
National Gleaning Project
Supporting gleaning organizations through legal and policy research to combat food waste and feed the hungry. 
Illustration of shoppers at a farmers market.
Farmers Market Legal Toolkit
Creating legal resources to build resilient and accessible farmers markets.
Farmworkers at a protest holding signs. One sign says Stand up 4 farmworkers' rights.
Housing and Employment Rights for VT Dairy Workers
Empowering immigrant farmworkers to understand their legal rights.
Pigs running outside on a farm at sunset.
Farm Animal Welfare Certification Guide
Helping farmers and food business owners adopt and communicate higher animal welfare standards.  
Landscape of rural Puerto Rico with green hills and blue sky
Food Systems Resilience
Policy research to strengthen food systems against climate change and other hazards.
A paper bag with a sticker that reads "Labels Unwrapped"
Labels Unwrapped
Enabling consumers and producers to navigate food label laws and make informed choices.
Young students working outside in a garden on a rooftop in the city.
State Farm to School Policy Handbook
Helping to advance the farm-to-school food movement by monitoring and sharing legislative trends. 
An urban farm in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Farmland Access Legal Toolkit
Helping farmers and landowners affordably access, transfer, and conserve farmland. 
A farmer carrying a bunch of carrots.
Farmers Market Legal Toolkit
Building resilient and accessible farmers markets.
Hands holding a basket of vegetables.
Extension Legal Services Initiative
Answering farmers’ and food producers’ pressing legal questions about food safety compliance. 
A plant breeder's gloved hands holding a small seedling.
Growing Biodiversity
Assisting plant breeders to preserve biodiversity by putting innovations in the public domain.  
Two workers in a kitchen smiling and packing cucumbers into pickle jars.
Farm to Institution Policy Project
Identifying and analyzing policies in New England that compel state institutions to purchase local foods.