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The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems works with partners across the country to create law and policy guides for food system stakeholders. Browse the list of standalone guides below, and visit our projects page to learn more about ongoing projects that encompass a wider range of resources. 


Report coverUnderstanding FSMA's Preventive Controls Rule: A Guide for Grain Businesses

August 2021
Do you grow, harvest, store, or process food-grade grain or grain products? This resource may help you determine if you need to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule. Read more »​​​​​​


Report coverFarm Animal Welfare Certification Guide

October 2019
While many of us have a vague idea of what agritourism means, there’s no standard legal definition—and policies are evolving quickly. That’s why CAFS released a report comparing state agritourism laws across the country and identifying legislative trends. The goal is to assist policymakers in drafting effective agritourism legislation addressing key areas like liability, zoning, fundings, taxation, and licensing. Read more »​​​​​​