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Watch our recent webinar to learn more about the Master's in Animal Protection Policy! 

Animal law and policy is a rapidly expanding field with an increasing number of students and employers recognizing and focusing on the interconnection between human, environmental, and animal well-being. Law and graduate students at VLGS benefit from the school's decades-long history as a pioneer in animal law, distinguished faculty, robust and active network of alumni in leadership positions, and collaborative programs.

VLGS offers a variety of options for students and advocates interested in taking courses or earning degrees. JD students may choose from a number of specialized courses and clinical opportunities, including the Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic, to earn a concentration in animal law residentially or through the animal law track online. Earning this concentration provides students with the skills and training needed to practice animal protection law, lead animal advocacy organizations, and advance legal protections for animals. 

Building upon its long history of training leaders in environmental and animal protection, VLGS recently launched the Master of Animal Protection Policy program and will welcome the first class in August 2023. VLGS is one of the only schools where graduate students may take law courses, and the MAPP's innovative curriculum is comprised of specially tailored graduate-level courses. Earning a MAPP degree will benefit anyone seeking a career related to animal protection, whether in government, community organizing, advocacy organizations, regulatory agencies, academic institutions, or elsewhere.

VLGS offers animal law and policy courses during each summer session. These two-week and weekend intensive courses are taught by leading scholars and practitioners on cutting-edge topics. They are open to anyone interested in learning more about animal advocacy, and provide non-degree seekers and students from other schools an opportunity to participate in our courses and programs.​​​

​Animal Law and Policy Courses​​

Course Code Course Title Credits
ENV5307 Animals and the Law 3
ANM5437 E1 Animal Ethics 3
ENV5902.01 Animal Ethics and Conservation  2
JUR7333  Animal Law and Ethics 3
ANMXXXX Animal Law in Practice 2
ANM 5431 01  Animal Protection Policy 3
​ENV5406 Animal Rights Jurisprudence 2
ENV5422 Animal Welfare Law 2
ENV5412  Biodiversity Protection 2
ENV5336 Climate Change, Extinction & Adaptation 3
ENV5902 Connected Justice: Animals, People and the Environment  1
ENV5902.01 Constitutional Animal Law 3
ENV5480 Environmental Crimes 2
CLI9321 Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic 4-12
ENV5411 Federal Regulation of Food and Agriculture 3
ANMXXXX International Animal Law 3
ENV5108 Introduction to Food and Agriculture 3
ENV5235  Natural Resources Law 3
ENV5423 Ocean and Coastal Law 3
ANM5433 Science of Animal Law 3
ENV5410 The Farm Bill 2
ENV5408 The Law of Animals in Agriculture 3
ENV5901.05 Undercover Investigations of Animal Operations  2

As with other VLGS courses and degrees, there are opportunities to take animal law and policy courses on campus or online; as part of a residential or online hybrid JD, master's or joint degree; as a non-degree seeking student; and on a variety timelines. VLGS strives to provide a wide range of opportunities for students and professionals to access our courses and learn how to be effective advocates for animals. 

Please contact Admissions or the Animal Law and Policy Institute at animallaw[at] to learn how you can be an agent for change through Vermont Law and Graduate School.