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The ENRLC at work.

Faculty Directory

Robert Sand

Visiting Professor of Law

Anna Saxman

Adjunct Faculty

Melissa Scanlan

Associate Dean of the Environmental Law Program, Director of the Environmental Law Center, Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Law, Water Rights and Allocation

Yvonne Scannell

Summer Faculty

Elizabeth Schmidt

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Nonprofit Corporations, Property Law and Housing,

Timothy Searchinger

Summer Faculty

Linda Sheehan

Summer Faculty

Dinah Shelton

Summer Faculty

Roman Sidortsov

Senior Global Energy Fellow

Stefanie Sidortsova

Fellow for Environmental Law & Policy

Linda O. Smiddy

Professor of Law Emerita

Expertise: Contracts, Corporations, International and Comparative Law

Martha Smyrski

Adjunct Faculty

Adrienne Soler

Adjunct Faculty

Benjamin K. Sovacool

Summer Faculty

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

James Gustave Speth

Professor of Law

Expertise: Climate Change, Environmental Ethics, International Environmental Law

Pamela J. Stephens

Acting Director of International and Comparative Law Programs and Professor of Law

Expertise: Civil Procedure, Human Rights, International and Comparative Law

Holly Geneva Stout

Adjunct Faculty

Michael Sutton

Summer Faculty

Lea Swanson

Summer Faculty

Philip Tabas

Summer Faculty

Jennifer S. Taub

Professor of Law

Expertise: Bankruptcy, Business Law, Contracts, Corporations

Peter R. Teachout

Professor of Law

Expertise: Constitutional Law, International and Comparative Law, State and Local Government Law

Jack Tuholske

Visiting Professor of Law, Director of Water and Justice

Marianne Tyrrell

Adjunct Faculty

Pamela Vesilind

Summer Faculty

Joan Vogel

Professor of Law

Expertise: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Discrimination Law, Employment Law, Torts and Product Liability

Jacqueline Weaver

Summer Faculty

Steven Weissman

Summer Faculty

Jessica West

Director, General Practice Program and Professor of Law

Jeffry White

Visiting Faculty

Stephanie J. Willbanks

Vice Dean for Administration and Student Affairs and Professor of Law

Expertise: Estate Planning and Tax, Legal Education, Taxation and Tax Policy, Wills and Trusts

David Wirth

Summer Faculty

Steven Wise

Summer Faculty

Jane Woldow

Associate Director, Julien and Virginia Cornell Library and Adjunct Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Research Instruction

L. Kinvin Wroth

Director of the Land Use Institute and Professor of Law

Expertise: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, International and Comparative Law, Land Use Planning and Regulation, Legal Education, Legal History

Carl A. Yirka

Library Director Emeritus, Professor of Law

Expertise: Libraries and Technology

Deborah Young

Summer Faculty

Maryann Zavez

Professor of Law, Staff Attorney at South Royalton Legal Clinic

Expertise: Family Law and Adoption, Juvenile Law, Legal Education, Poverty Law, Property Law and Housing