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The Title IX Office is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment that is free from sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. Our office supports the entire Vermont Law and Graduate School Community in a neutral role, meaning that all members of the VLS community can access our resources.

Our office provides ongoing support and training to our Title IX Resource Coordinators. We work with VLGS and community resources to ensure that students, staff, and faculty receive accurate and consistent information regarding available resources and options. We also provide direct support to community members, including facilitation of informal resolutions.

In addition, we develop educational resources and initiatives, including comprehensive training for students, staff, and faculty. The Title IX staff regularly solicits feedback from VLGS students, staff, and faculty to tailor our materials and trainings to meet our community's needs.

Regardless of your affiliation with Vermont Law and Graduate School, we can provide you with information and supports specific to your concerns.


Jessica Durkis-Stokes

VLS Title IX Coordinator

Professor Jessica Durkis-Stokes has been designated to serve as the VLGS Title IX Coordinator replacing Professor Jeannie Oliver in that role. Professor Durkis-Stokes will oversee compliance efforts and investigate any complaints of sex discrimination.

Reports can be made directly to Professor Durkis-Stokes at or phone directly to: 802-831-1274

Reports can also be made to Professor Jessica Brown, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, at or via phone to: 802-831-1101, or to Dean Lisa Ryan, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, at or via phone to: 802-831-1079.