For Recently Admitted Online Program Students

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Next Steps

Watch Your Mailbox

Your formal VLS Acceptance is coming! A hard copy of your VLS acceptance letter will be mailed to you. Some employers need to see a formal acceptance letter to authorize employee educational benefits, so keep a copy of this letter for your records.

Let Us Know You're Coming

If you haven't already, please complete your Intent to Enroll Form today. You should submit this form within 30 days of your semester start date.

Financial Aid Forms

Complete your FAFSA. If you have not already done so, please complete your FAFSA (utilizing your prior year's tax return information). Please be sure that the numbers on your FAFSA form exactly match those on your tax return and submit your FAFSA no later than a month before classes begin. You may submit your FAFSA online. The Vermont Law School FAFSA code is G11934.

If you have any questions about your financial aid, please email or call 802-831-1234.

Update: Students who are Veterans must file a FAFSA form this year in order for us to process your VA benefits.

We must receive your FAFSA to process any financial aid requests. Once processed, you will receive a financial aid award letter and Loan Request Form sent to you. These documents are sent to your VLS email if you're a returning student or to your personal email address provided on your application if you are a new student. Make sure to complete and return the Loan Request Form and go to to complete mandatory Entrance Counseling and sign your Master Promissory Note. Detailed instructions will accompany your award letter. If you don't complete the necessary forms and steps, your financial aid may not be awarded and you may not be able to participate in the program.


Your online portal to VLS offices. Shortly after being admitted to the program and upon receipt of your Intent to Enroll Form, the VLS Technology Department will automatically create a VLS email account for you. You will receive an email at your personal email address (provided by you in your application) which will contain connection and initial login information for your new VLS email account. When you first log into VLS email, you will be prompted to change your temporary password; when complete, you will see an email in your inbox from our system waiting for you. This email will provide links to VLS resources and online forms.

It is important from this point forward, all communication from Vermont Law School will be sent to your newly created VLS email address. In addition, we also require that you utilize your Vermont Law School email when you are communicating with various offices on campus.

Once you have logged into your VLS email account and changed your initial/temporary password, you will have access to the law school's campus information system called "CampusWeb"; a comprehensive system that allows you to register for classes, access your account information, pay tuition online, and much more. CampusWeb can also be found using the Resources link under the COMMON heading.

Business Office Forms

Using your CampusWeb login, please fill out and return the Information Release and Non Allowable Charges forms to the VLS business office. These completed, signed forms may be emailed as an attachment to, faxed to 802-831-1171, or mailed to: Business Office, Vermont Law School, PO Box 96, South Royalton, VT 05068. These forms must be received before your tuition payment can be fully processed, so please leave sufficient time for processing

Register for Classes

Registration is open! Please log into CampusWeb and register yourself for your semester term 1 and term 2 classes. Access to registration is located on the left hand side of the screen under Academics. Be sure to select the appropriate term and then hit change to confirm. If you have any questions about registration or the appropriate sequence of classes, the Distance Learning Registrar can provide you with detailed instructions and/or assistance. It is important to register for classes as early as possible, so your tuition bill will be accurately reflected prior to the start of class.

Accessing Your Bill

Before accessing your tuition bill, you will need to retrieve your student ID number. You will need this number in order to pay your bill via the online payment site. Once logged into CampusWeb please click on Audit Run under the Advising Heading on the left side. Here you will find your Vermont Law School Student ID (4-Digit) number.

Pay Your Tuition Bill

After registering for classes, your tuition invoice will be available in CampusWeb. If your FAFSA form has been completed, you should also be able to see your anticipated financial aid award on your account. If you do not see your anticipated financial aid, please call the Financial Aid Office at 802-831-1234.

Tuition is due two business days before the start of your class.

To view your balance due and make your payment, log into CampusWeb using the same username and password you use for VLS email access. On the left hand side of the window under the General heading is a link to Pay Online. You should be redirected to a secure page within the CashNet online payment system. Once in the secure page, if you have a balance due it should show up. If you don't have a balance due, your balance should show up as $0. Balances on this secure online payment system are updated every 24-48 hours.

The online payment system will advise you of a 2.75% convenience fee charge when making a payment with a credit card. This charge only applies to residential students. As a distance learning student, you will not be charged the convenience fee when you "check out" because the system will recognize you as DL student.

Provide 1098-T Information

Every January, Vermont Law School prepares 1098-T tax forms for students for the previous tax year of enrollment. Tax information is reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) based on an individual's social security number. Email is not a secure means to submit your social security number. Vermont Law School has created a secure link for Distance Learning students to submit their social security number. Please follow the link and submit your social security number as soon as possible to avoid any delays in having your tax information reported, or being able to access your form online next year.

Review Contact Information

Please review your current mailing address and telephone number as it appears in the CampusWeb portal. You will find your personal information under the My Profile heading on the left side. This current mailing address will be used for the purpose of mailing out refund checks, if applicable, and your 1098-T tax form. If the current mailing address is wrong in the CampusWeb portal, please send an address update email to Please note that it will take 24-48 hours for the update to appear.

Buy Your Books

An online bookstore awaits you. You will be able to purchase your textbooks for your courses through our online bookstore: Barristers Bookstore.

Student Identifications

If you wish to have a student identification card from Vermont Law School, please request a student ID using the online form.

The Online Classroom

After you have logged into CampusWeb, you will be loaded into the distance learning electronic classroom software. This software, called a "Learning Management System," or LMS, provides the website classroom and tools for your online experience. Vermont Law School uses open-sourced software LMS called "Moodle," customized for the law school's unique distance learning program. Once you are loaded into the system, you will receive an email notification that you may access the online classroom. You will use the same login information you use when you access your Vermont Law School email account and CampusWeb.


Orientation is an online introduction to the Vermont Law School distance learning online classroom. When you receive notice that you have access to the online classroom, you should proceed directly to the VLS Distance Learning Orientation course. This course is self-guided and should be completed before the start of your first class. The orientation course has two goals. First, to acquaint you with Vermont Law School, the school's programs and philosophy, and to help you review key concepts that will become important to your first set of classes. Second, we want you to have an opportunity to work within the online classroom, experimenting with the different technologies you and your professors will employ. While "assignments" within the orientation are not graded, they must be completed. Your program manager will be watching to make sure all tasks are completed successfully. By completing the orientation, we will help you sort out any kinks in accessing the online classroom technologies and help you be as prepared as possible for your first class. The orientation course will remain accessible to you throughout your studies so you may refer back to it as necessary.

Looking Ahead - Summer Session

We encourage you to explore Vermont Law School's World-Renowned Summer Session (on campus residential). This program, which takes place on the campus of Vermont Law School in beautiful South Royalton, Vermont, includes over 50 two and three week classes on environmental law and policy topics. Distance Learning Students may wish to take elective courses in the VLS Environmental Law Center's Summer Session and the Center for Justice Reform Summer Session. Use the links for more information on these summer programs and costs.