Summer Session Withdrawal Policy

​NOTE:   The Accelerated JD program will not follow the Summer Session Tuition Credit Policy during the Summer Semester.  Students participating in the AJD program will be subject to the original Tuition Credit/Withdrawal Policy

Students may add or drop courses before the second class meeting. VLS students need to do this through the Campus Web Portal. Students visiting VLS for summer courses must email the Registrar's Office or go to the Registrar's office before attending the 2nd class to report the "drop". Tuition charges will be adjusted with no financial penalties during the add/drop period.

Withdrawing from a class may be done on-line via the Campus Web Portal. Please be advised that there is no date recorded when withdrawing online, and as such there will be no tuition credit adjustment made.

*If you wish to receive a tuition credit (if applicable) as a result of your withdrawal, written notice (Request to Withdraw form or email to Registrar) is required. If no written notification is received, no adjustments will be made to the student account.

Students who submit written notification of withdrawal (Request to Withdraw form or email Registrar​) after the second class meeting are subject to the tuition credit schedule. The portion of tuition credit will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis beginning with the first day of classes until the date of written notification of withdrawal.

There is no tuition credit after 60% of the session has been completed (see schedule below).


TERM Date after which there is no Tuition Credit
Term I JUNE 8, 2015
TERM II JUNE 22, 2015
TERM III JULY 13, 2015
TERM IV JULY 27, 2015

Appeals to the above policy or calculation for special circumstances may be made in writing to the Business Office.

Transcript requests will not be released for any student who has an outstanding balance with Vermont Law School until the balance and any applicable interest is paid in full.


Title IV Refunds


Title IV Refunds

In addition to Vermont Law School's tuition credit policy, the Financial Aid Office is obliged to return to the federal government that portion of federal aid that is unearned. The Financial Aid Office will calculate unearned aid based on a daily pro-rata calculation. All Vermont Law School scholarship will follow the same daily prorata calculation as unearned aid.

It is important to understand that after 60% of the semester has been completed, there will be no adjustment to the financial aid received. The daily prorata calculation follows the guidelines set in the Federal Return to Title IV funds regulations.

Students who withdraw prior to the 60% point in the semester, and who received Federal loans, will owe a prorated repayment to these loans. Vermont Law School will calculate and return money owed to the Federal loan program as part of the refund/repayment process. Repayments due the Federal loan program are first allocated to the Federal Stafford unsubsidized loan, then the Stafford subsidized loan, then the Perkins loan, and then the Graduate Plus loan. Any unused portion of Vermont Law School scholarships and grants will be subject to the semester proration calculation. After payments to Vermont Law School scholarships and grants have been satisfied, remaining funds (if any) will be used to repay outside scholarship sources and finally to reimburse personal payments (unless otherwise dictated by prior arrangements with an outside funding program). If the student is due a refund, any non-refundable deposits are subtracted from the refund.

You should be aware that if you withdraw early in the semester, you could potentially owe money to Vermont Law School.

Transcript requests will not be released for any student who has an outstanding balance with Vermont Law School until the balance and any applicable interest is paid in full.