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VT State Colleges DEI Committee Hears About Importance Of Freedom Of Speech, DEI, Academic Freedom
MONTPELIER — The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee of the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees met recently with President Rodney Smolla, head of the Vermont Law School and Graduate School, who delivered a presentation about the critical intersection of DEI principles with Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom on university campuses. Committee Chair Shirley Jefferson advised at the meeting's start on Jan. 18 held via Zoom and in-person at the VSCS offices in ...
January 22, 2023
Six unanswered questions after Supreme Court releases inconclusive Dobbs leak report
... is impossible to rule out," the report stated. Will the investigation continue? In short, the investigation will continue, but the extensive report nine months after the leak marks the most detailed and factual analysis of the investigation since the high court breach was made public on May 2. Vermont Law School professor Jared Carter told the Washington Examiner, "It is incredibly troubling for the court that they were unable to resolve this," adding, "If the internal investigation continues to turn up no answers, that really hits the court's credibility and public standing." Can ...
January 20, 2023
ExxonMobil's secret projections of the climate crisis were astonishingly accurate, and a legal expert says that's 'a stick of dynamite' for the oil giant's court battles
... cities and states that are suing ExxonMobil, accusing the fossil-fuel corporation of violating consumer-protection statutes, lying to investors, or committing racketeering. "This analysis is a stick of dynamite in these cases," Patrick Parenteau, professor and senior fellow of climate policy at Vermont Law School, told Insider in an email. "It is the kind of incriminating evidence that can really influence a jury." Published in the peer-reviewed journal Science on Thursday, the study compares early ExxonMobil climate models to those from other scientists at the time, and to the actual rise in global ... cities and states that are suing ExxonMobil, accusing the fossil-fuel corporation of violating consumer-protection statutes, lying to investors, or committing racketeering. "This analysis is a stick of dynamite in these cases," Patrick Parenteau, professor and senior fellow of
January 12, 2023
Vt. bill takes aim at Slate Ridge, militia training camps
... defense. If you're not breaking any laws, then have the training. Anyone that wants to learn this type of training should be allowed to do it," Smith said. "I think it's probably likely to be found constitutional if it is carefully drawn," said Peter Teachout, a professor of constitutional law at Vermont Law School. He says the state and federal constitutions make a distinction between the individual right to bear arms and engaging in military-style activity without state support. "both the federal and state constitution have provisions for a well-regulated militia and that means regulated by government ...
January 10, 2023
Antiquities Act Litigation Threatens Nevada Monument Proposal
... Clinton and Obama abused their power when creating Grand Staircase and Bears Ears, and Biden would be doing the same if he declares Avi Kwa Ame, Burr said. 'A Radical Interpretation' Legal experts are divided about what the lawsuit will mean for Avi Kwa Ame and other large national monuments. Pat Parenteau, an emeritus environmental law professor at Vermont Law School, said Garfield County could result in new and existing monuments, including Avi Kwa Ame, being tossed out. "I think there is a good chance the Court will agree to review Bears Ears and that the major question doctrine ...
January 05, 2023
When it comes to the Vermont name, let the buyer beware
... Vermont Pillow. Workers take the shipments of Malouf pillows and repackage them as Vermont Pillows. "We do put a patch on it. We do bag them, we do check them for quality to get them out the door for customers." We took the two pillows we ordered to Benjamin Varadi, a business law professor at Vermont Law School, to find out whether Vermont Pillow is following state law. "From a legal perspective as to the issue of whether it's called the Vermont Pillow Company, it probably does meet the standard. It would be different -- and it's important to your viewers to understand -- if they were claiming that the ...
December 14, 2022
Toothless and ‘paltry’: Critics slam USDA’s fines for animal welfare violations
... ,800 for violations by Colorado State University, which received a $6.7-million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund a new bat research facility—especially for violations that involved animal deaths—"is deeply troubling," says Delcianna Winders, director of the Animal Law Program at Vermont Law School. That fine, she says, is less than 2 percent of the maximum $306,504, considering the nature and number of offenses and the number of animals affected. (In October, the USDA awarded the university more than $12 million for research on sustainable agriculture.) In an email, USDA spokesperson Andre ...
December 12, 2022
Congress Passed The Respect For Marriage Act, Protecting Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage
... . Back in July, The Root spoke with legal experts about what the decision to end 50 years of precedent on abortion rights could mean for other important cases like the right to same-sex marriage. "What is terrifying to me is that they took the biggest issue and just did away with it first," says Meg York, a family law attorney at Vermont Law School's South Royalton Legal Clinic. York says that any of the Supreme Court cases that rely on substantive due process, which protects implied fundamental rights like the right to privacy (abortion is considered a privacy right) and the right to marriage, ...
December 09, 2022
Vermont Law and Graduate School marks 50 years since founding
SOUTH ROYALTON — Vermont Law School, now named Vermont Law and Graduate School, celebrated its 50th year on Monday. The school was incorporated in 1972, and the first classes were held in summer 1973 in the old South Royalton schoolhouse that would become the iconic Debevoise Hall, the centerpiece of campus still. Vermont Law and Graduate School was the ... a nationally recognized law and graduate school, with an extensive catalog of in-person, hybrid and online courses. The school's renowned environmental programs and the first-of-its-kind restorative justice program draw students from around the world. This July the school's name was changed from Vermont Law School to Vermont Law and Graduate School, bringing with it exciting additions including the Vermont School for the Environment and a long-term growth plan led by President Rod Smolla. "It is an honor to serve at the helm of
December 06, 2022
Two lawyers receive ABA Morris I. Leibman Award in Law and National Security
... lawyer and co-founder of the Standing Committee and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The awards were announced during the 32nd Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law Conference, Nov. 17-18, at the Renaissance Washington Hotel. Dycus is professor of law emeritus at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont. He is a founding architect of the academic discipline of national security law and lead author of casebooks "National Security Law" and "Counterterrorism Law," now in their 7th and 4th editions respectively. Dycus also co-authored "Soldiers on the Home Front: The ...
November 25, 2022
A Meal for the Community
As over 20 volunteers peeled potatoes, chopped onions, and sliced pies, the bustle signified the return of a long held tradition in South Royalton. People gathered at the Vermont Law and Graduate School's (VLGS) café Monday evening to prepare food for the annual Thanksgiving community meal, including deliveries for those at home, on Thursday. Volunteers were VLGS students, a group […]
November 24, 2022
Trump’s Legal Problems All Converged Into One Day of Spectacular Failures
... House in January—and what they'll do with them. "Look, you play with fire long enough, you're gonna get burned, and he's made a career out of dodging liability with a bevy of lawyers and accountants, but someday you gotta pay the piper, and I think all of those things are catching up to him," said Jared Carter, a Vermont law school professor. The Mogul's 'Me Too' Immediately following the Supreme Court's decision, Trump lawyers were on a phone call at 3 p.m. with a Manhattan federal judge trying to brace for a new lawsuit claiming that the real estate mogul raped a journalist at a ...
November 23, 2022
Barre gun owner sued for negligence in child’s shooting death; Burlington pushes for new gun laws
... that Vermont does not have laws or regulations prescribing conditions for the storage or access to firearms in a home. The idea of statewide gun legislation like that has been discussed for years in Vermont, the state which has among the least restrictive gun laws in the country. Legal expert Jared Carter of the Vermont Law School says it's common to see civil cases in lieu of criminal cases. "It's not going to turn on whether or not there's a criminal law that prohibits or requires it but the courts are going to be looking at, yeah, what sort of duty, what does it take not to be ...
November 07, 2022
Jefferson Honored at HBCU SummitFree Access
Shirley Jefferson smiles next to a portrait of her mentor Gil Kujovich, who helped her out during her own time in law school. (Herald / Tim Calabro) Vermont Law and Graduate School would be hard pressed to find a more vigorous champion of the South Royalton school's capacity for positive change than Shirley Jefferson, now the college's vice president for community engagement and government affairs. Jefferson has called VLS her home since 1999 and has spent all of that time ... to integrate those schools and I was one of those first classes." When she got out of high school, Jefferson moved to Washington, D.C. and enrolled in Southeastern University, paying her way by working at McDonald's fulltime while keeping up her classes. After graduation, she got letters from Vermont Law School and Franklin Pierce, inviting her to apply. She did apply to both, but VLS offered the Thomas
October 21, 2022
New Jersey latest state to sue oil companies over climate misinformation
... journal Nature, for example, found that just over $8bn (£7bn) of the $62.7bn (£55.3bn) in damages caused by Superstorm Sandy across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, is attributable to sea-level rise caused by climate change. Patrick Parenteau, professor and senior fellow for climate policy at Vermont Law School says that while these cases started as common law nuisance claims – these companies created the nuisance of climate change, which caused financial damages to various cities and states – they "have evolved to where the failure-to-warn based claims and duty of care type claims are coming to the ...
October 18, 2022