Women’s Engagement in Environmental Impact Assessments in Vietnam

23 Mar 2016

Women’s Engagement in Environmental Impact Assessments in Vietnam

8:45am - 10:00am

Cornell Seminar

Cornell Seminar Room

Join the U.S.-Asia Partnership for Environmental Law for a discussion of women's engagement in the EIA process at Trung Son Hydropower Plant and Buon Ma Thuot Landfill in Vietnam.

Delivered by:

Nguyen Ngoc Ly, Director of The Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR), Ha Noi, Vietnam

Wednesday, March 23rd


Cornell Seminar Room


Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ly is the Founder and Director of the Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR), a local NGO based in Hanoi, Vietnam.
CECR has been working for a number of years to advocate for a new legal framework for water pollution prevention and promote public participation in Vietnam’s environmental governance.  In 2013, Ms. Ly and CECR formed a coalition to advocate for a new Law on Water Pollution Control in Vietnam, which has grown from a network of ten activists to a large network of legal and environmental institutions, academics, NGOs, environmentalists, and lawyers.

Additionally, Ms. Ly and CECR work with women’s groups in Hanoi to initiate clean-up actions and awareness campaigns to help improve and protect the quality of the lakes, ponds and waterways of Hanoi.  Ms. Ly is also a member of Mekong Partnership for the Environment’s Regional Technical Working Group on Environmental Impact Assessment, which is preparing regional guidelines on public participation in environmental impact assessment.  Specifically, Ms. Ly plays a lead role in promoting the role of women in public consultation, and has conducted extensive research on the participation of women in Vietnam’s EIA process.

Prior to the establishment of CECR in 2009, Ms. Ly was the Head of Sustainable Development of the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam for ten years.  She has also served as Environmental Policy Researcher for the World Bank Institute in Washington, D.C., Information Scientist at the Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok), and Lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Ms. Ly received an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and MLS from the University of Maryland, and an M.Eng. in Environmental Technology and Management from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.  Ms. Ly also holds a degree in engineering from Prague Chemical Technology Institute, Czech Republic.

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