VJEL Symposium

24 Oct 2014

VJEL Symposium


Chase Center

Chase Center, Vermont Law School

​​Cradle to Cradle: The Elimination of Waste

The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law would like to cordially invite you to our annual symposium at Vermont Law School.

Our symposium this year will focus on waste elimination, an extraordinarily pressing, yet oft neglected environmental issue. Please join us on October 24th for a day-long exploration of various waste streams and the ways in which we can work to reduce and preclude further waste. National experts and scholars will speak on ocean, energy, electronic, and agricultural waste and the strategies for reducing these byproducts of human society. The day will conclude with a number of interactive sessions that further explore the themes of the day.

Register at our Eventbrite page and be sure to visit our Symposium Webpage (links below) for a full list of speakers and events. Registration is free for all VLS students and community members.

​ We hope to see you there!​

Cradle-to-Cradle: The Elimination of Waste
"Just about every process has side effects. But they can be deliberate and sustaining instead of unintended and pernicious. We can be humbled by the complexity and intelligence of nature's activity, and we can also be inspired by it to design some positive side effects to our own enterprises."
- William McDonough & Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle.

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