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Restorative Justice Can No Longer Be Blind

15 Oct 2020

Restorative Justice Can No Longer Be Blind

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Embedded Racism in the Law Panel Discussion: 
Restorative Justice Can No Longer Be Blind

There is a growing awareness restorative justice as a movement historically failed to take into consideration racial discrimination in the United States, and a current recognition of the urgent need to be involved and offer ways to seek true understanding, acknowledgement, and opportunities for healing and reparations.

On Thursday evening, our panel will explore different areas of our legal system from drug reform and the legalization of marijuana, to the pitfalls of discretion within our criminal legal system, to the current police crisis. We will talk about racial discrimination embedded in these areas, and explore whether and how restorative justice has a role to address racial discrimination to help us move us forward.

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