Moonlit Movie Nights: American Outrage

22 Sep 2015

Moonlit Movie Nights: American Outrage


VLS Quad

​ELS, NALSA, FALS, ALS, & the Outdoors Club Present Moonlit Movie Nights

NALSA welcomes you to the 2nd film on the Quad at 7:00 pm for:  American Outrage

The Dann sisters, two Western Shoshone women living on their ancestral lands in Nevada, challenge the US government for land and human rights, taking their case to the US Supreme Court and beyond. 

Join us as American Outrage asks WHY? Why would the United States spend 35 years and millions of dollars to prosecute and persecute two elderly sisters grazing a few hundred horses and cows in a desolate desert?

Contrasting the Dann sisters' personal lives with their political actions, American Outrage demonstrates that justice, in the United States is still not blind when it comes to Native Americans.

Film Trailer:

Dress warmly, bring blankets, it's going to be cold tonight. There will be free popcorn and other good things.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Cedar M Wilkie Gillette at