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Derechos Humanos for Farmworkers: An Evening with Migrant Justice!

3 Apr 2023

Derechos Humanos for Farmworkers: An Evening with Migrant Justice!

Live Broadcast on

Oakes Hall - Room 012

LALSA was honored to host Justicia Migrante/Migrant Justice in Oakes 102. This event was also live-streamed and you can review the recording her!

This was an important discussion surrounding human rights advocacy, proper working environments, and advocacy for rights in the farming industry, especially among undocumented migrant workers.

Justicia Migrante is a non-profit organization based in Burlington, Vermont. Migrant Justice fights for basic human rights in the farming industry that greatly affects the immigrant community here in Vermont—but also nationwide. Migrant Justice organizes and facilitates demonstrations throughout the country from flooding the phone-lines to marching in front of Hannaford stores. Justicia Migrante is focused on repairing the poor working conditions farmworkers historically and presently face. The non-profit organization has won unprecedented improvements in labor and housing conditions for hundreds of dairy workers. Migrant Justice emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the improvements that have been made, but also recognize the fight for justice continues.



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