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Art Gallery Night Hosted by LALSA

6 Nov 2021

Art Gallery Night Hosted by LALSA

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Commons at BALE

Resistance and Resilience: Art Gallery Night hosted by LALSA is an event that will take place at the off-campus BALE Studio in South Royalton. The BALE Studio is a non-profit community space. The administrators of the BALE Studio have already confirmed the date for the event. The event will take place from 6pm to 9pm, but we are open on shifting the times to be earlier or later depending on other student activities taking place that day. 

The idea of this event is to have VLS members and South Royalton community members submit art pieces that reflect their interpretation of "Resistance and Resilience." We will be accepting most, if not all, forms of visual art including: paintings, sculptures, written word, photography, graphic design. If there are an abundance of submissions, the LALSA executive board will conduct an approval process and choose which art pieces will be exhibited. The LALSA board will also screen all of the art submitted to ensure that there is no racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or any other derogatory language that is violent towards historically underprivileged communities. The LALSA board wants to send out an email to invite VLS members to turn in art submissions and will also inform them of the details of the event. The BALE Studio will be in charge of promoting the event to South Royalton Community members.

Once the art is submitted, LALSA will be in charge of gathering the art pieces and/or printing any written word or graphic design. During set-up we will go to BALE and set up the pieces. The administrators of BALE have already agreed to help us hang art pieces. Each piece will have a brief synopsis of what the art means and how the artist has interpreted the theme of "Resistance and Resilience." Artists will not be charged or paid for having their art exhibits up, they are agreeing to donate their art for the event and their art will be returned to them at the end of the event. Any printed art will also be returned to the artists at the end of the event. 

The event will be open to both VLS members and the South Royalton community. There will not be an entrance fee, but people will be encouraged to donate to our entrance fund (attendees will not be required to donate, this is voluntary). All donations will be given to a Latinx Youth Art program. Details on the selected program will be available at the entrance. 

The event will have some small foods for people to snack on. There will not be a full meal being served. The food available will be small in size and easy to eat. Drinks available will be non-alcoholic and there will be a variety of juices, sodas, and seltzers. We are still trying to determine what food will be available and will be consulting with some catering options this week. 

This event will follow all COVID-19 protocols. People will be required to wear a mask and if they take their masks off for food or drink, they will be required to maintain social distancing and will also be kindly encouraged to consume those items outside.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Cameron Briggs Ramos at