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Hot Topics: Animals as Property, Quasi-Property or Quasi-Person

27 Jun 2023

Hot Topics: Animals as Property, Quasi-Property or Quasi-Person

12:00pm - 1:00pm


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Hot Topics in Environmental Law Lecture Series

Featuring Angela Fernandez, Professor, Faculty of Law and Department of History, University of Toronto, and Distinguished Animal Law Summer Scholar at VLGS.

Each lecture is worth one VBA CLE credit.
Lectures are virtual, free, and open to the public.

About the speaker: 

A member of the Scholars Committee of the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights, Law & Policy and the collaborative research network BASAN (Brooks Animal Studies Academic Network), Angela Fernandez also sits on the Board of Advisors and is a Director of Animal Justice Canada. She is also a fellow with the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

In addition to "Animals and the Law" (taught in the Fall of 2021 and 2022) and her legal history seminar ("Legal Archaeology: Studies of Cases in Context"), Professor Fernandez teaches Contracts. She is also the Chair of the Directed Research Program and is interested in supervising students on animal law and legal history topics.

Under Professor Fernandez's leadership, the University of Toronto is partnering with the Brooks Institute of Animal Rights, Law and Policy to publish the Canadian Animal Law Digest , a free twice-a-month update on developments in Canadian animal law.

Professor Fernandez also works with the Bora Laskin Law Library on updating the Animal Law Research Guide , launched in March 2022. It consists of lists of sources (books, chapters, book reviews, theses, journal articles, legislation, and leading cases) in Canadian animal law, perfect for students looking for a research paper topic or more senior scholars looking for orientation in terms of sources available in Canadian animal law.

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