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The main VLGS directory includes all faculty and staff.


Donald Kreis Headshot
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure

Heather Scheiwe Kulp
Adjunct Professor of Law

Expertise: Negotiation; Mediation; Dispute Resolution; Restorative Justice; Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stephanie E. Kupferman
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Family Law

Director, U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law
Professor of Law

Expertise: China and the Environment

Lisa Lance - VP of Communications at VLGS
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Adjunct Faculty
Mark Latham
Professor of Law Emeritus

Expertise: Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; Corporations; Torts and Product Liability; Environmental Enforcement and Regulation

photograph of Inga N. Laurent
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Science and the Law

Benjamin Leoni
Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law

Jordana Levine
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Trial Practice; Criminal Law and Procedure

Rich Levitt
Director of Foundation and Corporate Partnerships
Cynthia Lewis
Vice Dean for Faculty
Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Research Instruction; Legislative History Research; Libraries and Library Administration; Regulatory Research

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources

Michael Lewis
Adjunct Professor of Law
Wenfang Liang
LLM Fellow
Yanmei Lin, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law
Deputy Director, U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law

Expertise: International and Comparative Law; China and the Environment; Environmental Public Interest Litigation in Asia; Wildlife Crimes in China; Public Participation in Environmental Governance

Anne Linehan, Environmental Law Center
Director, Graduate Academic Programs, Maverick Lloyd School for the Environment
Staff Director, Environmental Law Center