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The main VLGS directory includes all faculty and staff.


Access Services and Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Expertise: Libraries and Technology

Ryan Kane
Adjunct Faculty
Ann E. Kelleher
Program Coordinator, Online Program
Jon Kidde
Consultant, Restorative Justice, School Discipline and Juvenile Justice Reform

Expertise: Restorative Justice

/Assets/directories/people/Killoran small.jpg
Professor of Law
Director, VLS Entrepreneurship Legal Laboratory (VLSELL)

Expertise: Land Use Planning and Regulation; Environmental Law; Environmental Litigation; Administrative Law; Bankruptcy; Property Law; Trial Practice; Wills and Trusts; Consumer Law

Spencer Knapp
Adjunct Professor of Law
Covid Services Coordinator
General Maintenance Supervisor
Assistant Director, Vermont Law School Entrepreneurial Legal Lab
photo of Donna Kowalewski
Environmental Communications Specialist
Ken Kreiling
Professor of Law Emeritus

Expertise: Civil Procedure; Evidence

Donald Kreis Headshot
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure

Heather Scheiwe Kulp
Adjunct Professor of Law

Expertise: Negotiation; Mediation; Dispute Resolution; Restorative Justice; Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stephanie E. Kupferman, LLM'15
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Family Law

Director, U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law
Professor of Law

Expertise: China and the Environment

Lisa Lance - VP of Communications at VLGS
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Expertise: Conflict and Communication

Adjunct Faculty
Mark Latham
Professor of Law Emeritus

Expertise: Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; Corporations; Torts and Product Liability; Environmental Enforcement and Regulation

photograph of Inga N. Laurent
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice