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The main VLGS directory includes all faculty and staff.


Mario Hankerson, JD'07
Trial Lawyers College course graduate
Director, Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency
Externship Instructor

Expertise: Intellectual Property and Copyright Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; Corporations

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Litigation and Mediation

Clinic Fellowship Attorney
Kim Evans, Vermont Law School
Vice President of People and Operations
General Maintenance Technician
Staff Attorney
Director, Vermont Veterans Legal Assistance Project
Director, General Practice Program (GPP)
Annie Haylon
Adjunct Professor of Law
Shannon Heery

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Trial Practice; Evidence

Creative Designer
smiling woman with light skin and long brown hair
Senior Communications Manager, CAFS
Vice President for Finance
Barry Hill
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Ethics; Environmental Law

Randolph Hill
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Enforcement and Regulation; Clean Water Act

Shirley Hoeppner-Crawford, Vermont Law School
Assistant Director of Recruitment
Michael Hogan, Vermont Law School
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Judicial Opinion Writing

Photographer: Lorin Granger
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Animal Law

Associate Director, Animal Law and Policy Institute

Expertise: Animal Law

Jens Iverson
Visiting Professor
Interim Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment
Associate Professor, Maverick Lloyd School for the Environment
Associate Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation; Oil and Gas Law and Regulation; Climate Change; Air Pollution