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The main VLGS directory includes all faculty and staff.


ILS Administrator
Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
Senior Network Administrator
Erika Dunyak
CAFS Staff Attorney

Expertise: Food and Agriculture

Jessica Durkis-Stokes
Title-IX Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Academic Success Program

Expertise: Academic Support; Bar Preparation

Michael Dworkin, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law Emeritus
Founding Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Stephen Dycus
Professor of Law Emeritus

Expertise: National Security; International and Comparative Law

John Echeverria
Professor of Law

Expertise: Land Use Planning and Regulation; Property Law; Water Rights and Allocation; Regulatory Takings; Climate Change Adaptation

Data Systems Analyst
Tim Eichenberg
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources

Jeannette Eicks
VLSell Founder
Faculty Advisor
Doug Eisinger
Transportation Policy and Planning
Chief Scientist, Sonoma Technology
Affiliate Professor, Sustainable Transportation, University of Washington

Expertise: Transportation; Climate Change

Associate Director
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Agricultural Law and Policy

Cindy Falzarano
Program Coordinator
Vermont Law School Directory
Adjunct Faculty
Paul Ferber
Professor of Law Emeritus
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Food and Agriculture; Environmental Advocacy

David Firestone
Professor of Law

Expertise: Business Law; Contracts; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation; Taxation and Tax Policy; International Environmental Law

Victor Flatt
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law; Climate Change; Energy Law and Regulation