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The main VLGS directory includes all faculty and staff.


Manager of Operations, Financial Aid
Lisa Bedinger
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Mediation; Restorative Justice; Conflict and Communication

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Suzanne Bellici
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Restorative Justice; Conflict and Communication

Glenn Berger
Chair, Vermont Law and Graduate School Board of Trustees
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Laurie Beyranevand
Director, Center for Agriculture and Food Systems
Professor of Law

Expertise: Health Law; Administrative Law; Food Law and Policy

Benjamin Bish
Adjunct Professor
Vermont Law School Directory
Adjunct Faculty
Audio Visual Technician
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: International Environmental Law; Energy Law and Regulation

Joe Brennan, Vermont Law School
Vice Dean for Students
Professor of Law

Expertise: Academic Support; Bar Preparation; Legal Analysis; Legal Writing

Dan Bromberg
Dean, Vermont Graduate School
Professor of Law
Richard Brooks
Professor of Law Emeritus
Founding Director, Environmental Law Center
Headshot of Aviance Brown, a woman in a yellow blouse
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice; Civil Rights; Civil Procedure

Jessica Brown
Associate Director, Center for Justice Reform
Assistant Professor of Law
Deputy Title XI Coordinator

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure

Course Developer
Assistant Professor
Staff Attorney, Farm & Energy Initiative
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Food and Agriculture

David Cahill
Specialist in Digital Evidence

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Restorative Justice

Faculty Support Specialist / ICLP Program Coordinator