The main VLS directory includes all faculty and staff.

Stephanie Farrior
Director, Center for Applied Human Rights
Professor of Law

Expertise: Discrimination Law; Human Rights and the Environment; International Law; International Organizations; Law of Treaties; International Human Rights

David Firestone
Professor of Law

Expertise: Business Law; Contracts; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation; Taxation and Tax Policy; International Environmental Law

Paul Ferber
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kevin Foy
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law

Emily Flewelling
2013 Human Rights Fellow
Adjunct Faculty
Vermont Law School Directory
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Gregg Freeman
Joshua Farley
Associate Professor, University of Vermont
Lucas Fykes
LLM in Energy Law 2017
Web Content Specialist & Marketing Coordinator
Kathleen Falk
Visiting Professor of Law, Douglas Costle Chair

Expertise: Environmental Advocacy

Sue Folger, Vermont Law School
IEE Program Coordinator
Joanne Faulkner, Guest Speaker
Family Project Lead, Hull Centre for Restorative Practice
Adam Foss, Keynote Speaker
Founder and President, Prosecutor Impact
Former Assistant District Attorney, Juvenile Division, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office (SCDAO)
Manager Emotional Wellbeing Team & Restorative Practice Lead for Behaviour, HCAT