Pamela Vesilind '08


Professor Vesilind teaches animal law, food law, and environmental law courses in the residential and online programs at VLS, in addition to Civil Procedure and Professional Responsibility.  Her scholarship focus is on industrial animal agriculture and the constitutional implications of regulating interactions between human and non-human animals.  She is licensed to practice in Vermont and in North Carolina, where she formerly practiced animal law.  Vesilind holds a J.D. from VLS and an LL.M. in Food and Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas School of Law.



Emerging Constitutional Threats to Food Labeling Reform, __NEXUS Chapman J. L. & Pol'y __ (forthcoming Summer 2012).

​Continental Drift: Agricultural Trade & the Widening Gap between European Union & United States Animal Welfare Laws, 12 Vt. J. Envtl. L. 223 (Winter 2011).

​A Preview of United States v. Stevens: Animal Law, Obscenity, and the Limits of Government Censorship, 4 Charleston L. Rev. 59 (Fall 2009) (co-authored with Professor Cheryl Hanna).

​NAFTA's Trojan Horse & the Demise of the Mexican Hog Industry, 42 U. Miami Int.-Am. L. Rev. 2 (Summer 2011).


Cruelty (with Professor Cheryl Hanna) - progress.​​

Animals & Exigency