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Professor Sarah Reiter, Director of Online Learning
Online Faculty

Sarah M. Reiter JD’13

Assistant Professor of Law
Environmental Law Center
Summer Session
Online Learning Program

JD, Vermont Law School

MS, College of Charleston

BS, U.S. Naval Academy


Curriculum Vitae

Sarah M. Reiter JD’13


Sarah’s work spans research on the ocean’s seafloor to its uppermost polar region, and she has played a role in the negotiation of multiple environmental agreements. A former meteorologist and U.S. Air Force Officer, she managed an operational floor of scientists responsible for providing weather support to military bases west of the Mississippi. Her experience at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Stanford University’s Center for Ocean Solutions, and Monterey Bay Aquarium contributed to her ocean law and policy expertise. Sarah teaches several environmental law courses and serves as the head of an observer delegation to the international climate negotiations, where her students support small island nations.

Sarah received a JD from Vermont Law School, a MS in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston, and a BS in Oceanography from the U.S. Naval Academy. She holds an Honorary Research Associate position at the University of Oxford, collaborating with the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab, and is published in cross-disciplinary journals such as Science and the Stanford Environmental Law Journal. When she's not fighting for the ocean, she enjoys exploring Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence Seaway watersheds with her young family.



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Legal Advocacy

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Ashley Erickson, Don Gourlie, Lucie Hazen, Christina Hicks, Emi Kondo, Rebecca Martone, Lindley Mease, Sarah (Mooney) Reiter, Erin Prahler, Melissa Runsten. California Fisheries Preliminary Assessment Final Report, SUBMITTED TO RESOURCES LEGACY FUND (2013).​
Ocean and Coastal Law Committee of Vermont Law School Environmental Law Society, Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship Discussion Guide​, SUBMITTED TO SEA GRANT LAW CENTER AND GREEN FIRE PRODUCTIONS (2012).​
Erin E. Prahler, Sarah (Mooney) Reiter, Application of Land Use Practices and Tools to Prepare for and Adapt to Climate Change​, SUBMITTED TO MRY COUNTY PLANNERS (2012).​


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Aaron Courtney, Sloane Wildman, Sarah M. Reiter, Ocean Dumping and Marine Pollution, OCEAN AND COASTAL LAW AND POLICY, SECTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL, ENERGY, AND RESOURCES, AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION (2015).​


"The New High Seas Treaty," Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College, November 17, 2020.

Assessing Ambition and Conditionality in Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement, MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management program, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (November 11, 2020).

"International Ocean Governance - Applications at the Science-Policy Interface," MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management program, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (October 28, 2020).

Moderator, "Nature-Based Solutions," Vermont Journal of Environmental Law Annual Symposium, Vermont Law School (October 16, 2020).

“An Ocean-Climate Strategy to Achieve Ocean-Climate Health,” 11th Annual Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship, Vermont Law School, (September 26, 2020).

"The Future of the Public Trust: The Muddied Waters of Rockweed Management in Maine,” Ocean and Coastal Law Journal Symposium on Innovations and Aquaculture and Law, Bath, Maine (March 27, 2020).

Speaker, Learning from trends in undergraduate career education, University of Maine School of Law: New England Law School Career Centers Annual Summer Meeting, Portland, Maine, 2017.
Speaker, Making Waves and Building Sandcastles: A Perspective on Marine Policy, Applied Marine and Watershed Science Graduate Seminar Series at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), 2016.
Speaker, From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the food chain: linking science and law to achieve healthy oceans, Environmental Residency Workshop at Vermont Law School, 2015.​​
Speaker, Navigating Arctic Policy: Past, Present and Future, Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Speaker Series at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, 2015.
Speaker, A changing climate, a coast in conflict, University of Minnesota School of Law Road to Paris Faculty Workshop, 2015.
Presentation Contribution, w/ Angela L. Warner, Sarah G. Newkirk, Advancing laws that address the threats of rising seas, California Adaptation Forum, Coastal Resilience Network,2014.​
Presentation Contribution, w/ Margaret R. Caldwell, Don Gourlie, Erin E. Prahler, Meredith Bennett, Ashley Erickson, Molly Loughney Melius, Cumulative Risk and Climate Change Adaptation Along Our Coast, State Bar of California Environmental Law Conference, 2014.​
Speaker, w/ Erin E. Prahler, Meredith Bennett, Ashley Erickson, Molly Loughney Melius, Margaret R. Caldwell, Angela L. Warner, Looking beneath the surface and beyond projects: Legal strategies for performing cumulative effects assessments, 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress, Society of Conservation Biology, 2014.
Seminar Contribution, w/ Beth Kerttula, From the Gulf to the Arctic: What Have We Learned Since the Deepwater Horizon Spill?, Resources for the Future, 2014.​
Presentation Contribution, w/ Margaret R. Caldwell, Megan Herzog, Maggie Peloso, Craig Segall, Angela L. Warner, Analyzing for Regulatory Risk Associated with Land Use Planning Adaptation Strategies, California Adaptation Forum, 2014.​
Keynote Contribution, w/ Margaret R. Caldwell, Meredith Bennett, Ashley L. Erikson, Melissa Foley, Megan E. Mach, Rebecca G. Martone, Lindley Mease, Molly Loughney Melius, Catherine Clarke Murray, Erin E. Prahler, Lisa M. Wedding, Living in a world where 1+1=4: aligning the law, science, and practice of multiple stressors in marine ecosystems, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2014.
Presentation Contribution, w/ Lisa Wedding, Eric Hartge, Molly Melius, Greg Guannel, Anne Guerry, Mary Ruckelshaus, Margaret Caldwell, Using a Spatial Approach to Evaluate the Role of Natural Habitat in Increasing Coastal Resilience, ESRI Ocean GIS Forum, 2014.​
Speaker, w/ Mark Madden, Making Cents Out of Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission Parklands, National Association for Interpretation Region 3 Conference, 2010.

Awards & Accomplishments

Awards, Honors or Grants

Honorary Research Associate, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (June 2019)

Vermont Law School, Phenomenal Woman Award—Staff, for contributions to the school community (2018)
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Achievement Award, for Conservation Partnership work (2016)
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Achievement Award, for developing policy intern program (2015).
Vermont Law School Alumni Award (2013)​
United States Armed Services, The Air Force Achievement Medal (2007); The Navy Achievement Medal (2005); The National Defense Service Medal (2002).
United States Naval Academy, Leadership Award, for contributions to Honor Staff, Concept, and Brigade (2005); Women’s Swimming Patriot League Academic All-star (2004, 2005); Golden Key National Honor Society (2005).