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Dr Thomas Reed
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Thomas Reed

Adjunct Professor
Center for Justice Reform
Summer Session CJR

Dr. Thomas Reed


Dr. Thomas James Reed is a dual citizen of the United States and of the Native American Tribal Nation of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Thomas is a member of the Turtle Clan, and his Oneida name is “Lukwe'tiyó” (pronounced lah-gway-dee-oh), which translates to, “He is a Good Man”.

Thomas’s family first introduced him to restorative justice through his grandmother who is an elder in the Oneida Nation, Eleanor Bailey, and from his cousin, Edi Cornelius-Grosskopf, who uses talking circles for restorative purposes in dealing with intergenerational trauma. Thomas Reed learned more about talking circles, circle practices, circles, and restorative justice through his doctoral committee member Dr. David Karp. Thomas has written a book chapter titled, “A Critical Review of the Native American Tradition of Circle Practices” in the book Indigenous Research of Land, Self, and Spirit. Thomas has consulted for the University of Michigan Office of Student Conflict Resolution on the indigenous origins of talking circles.

Thomas works as a Restorative Justice practitioner and serves as a Trainer for the University of San Diego’s Center for Restorative Justice. Dr. Thomas Reed is an Assistant Professor at California State University of Long Beach in the American Indian Studies Program since August of 2022. Thomas loves all people, believes in the good in all people, and believes restorative justice can bring people together through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Dr. Reed has been teaching Restorative Justice in Indigenous Communities at Vermont Law School since the summer of 2021.