Heather Rally


Dr. Heather Rally is the Supervising Veterinarian for Captive Animal Law Enforcement at the PETA Foundation.  In that position she leads investigative and enforcement actions in cases of abuse of animals in roadside zoos, circuses, and other captive-animal exhibits in the United States.  She has a specific training in marine mammals and serves on the Advisory Committee of the Whale Sanctuary Project and as a veterinarian for the Oceanic Preservation Society. Dr. Rally’s involvement in the undercover investigation and law enforcement bust of The Hump restaurant in Santa Monica for serving endangered whale meat was featured in the acclaimed documentary Racing Extinction, which highlighted her work as a lead investigator into wildlife crime and trafficking across the globe. Dr. Rally has been a featured speaker in a number of professional forums and has lectured on wildlife conservation and animal welfare topics at colleges and universities across the country. She has published articles on ocean conservation and marine wildlife in Marine Ecology Progress Services (2013), Sea Technology Magazine (Oct. 2016), the Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress on Protected Areas (2017), Tulane Environmental Law Journal (2018), the Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2019), and is a co-author of the forthcoming chapter on Animal Welfare and the Endangered Species Act, in the Third Edition of the American Bar Association treatise on The Endangered Species Act Law and Policy (In press). Dr. Rally is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a BS in Biological Sciences and received her DVM degree from the Western University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she focused on wildlife medicine and forensic pathology.