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Brian Porto

Brian Porto

Professor of Law Emeritus
Legal Writing

JD, Indiana University, 1987

PhD, Miami University, 1979

BA, University of Rhode Island, 1974


Curriculum Vitae

Brian Porto


Brian Porto joined the Vermont Law School faculty as assistant professor of law in fall 2007. He currently teaches Appellate Advocacy, Legal Writing, Amateur Sports Law, Professional Sports and the Law, and Election Law at VLS and serves as Director of the Sports Law Institute. He is a practicing attorney and served as judicial clerk to Associate Justice Denise R. Johnson of the Vermont Supreme Court, Judge William I. Garrard of the Indiana Court of Appeals, and Associate Justice William Johnson of the New Hampshire Supreme Court.
Professor Porto has taught political science at Yankton College in South Dakota, at Macalester College in Minnesota, and at Norwich University in Vermont, and numerous courses as an adjunct professor at community colleges throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. His commentaries about legal and social issues in sports on Vermont Public Radio, and he has published extensively. His most recent book, The Supreme Court and the NCAA: The Case for Less Commercialism and More Due Process in College Sports, was published in 2012.



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​Testimony before Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics Regarding a Limited Antitrust Exemption for College Sports, Washington, DC, May 19, 2015.

​Moderator of Panel Discussion on "Legal Issues in School Sports", South Royalton, VT, March 2013

​Moderator of Panel Discussion on "The Future of College Sports", South Royalton, VT, March 2015

​Masters of Pervasion: Rhetorical Techniques of the Supreme Court's Best Writers, New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers, South Royalton, VT September 12, 2014

​Moderator of Panel Discussion on "Climate Change and Winter Sports", South Royalton, VT, March 2014

​Moderator of panel discussion on "The Law of Skiing, Snowboarding, and Resort Management", South Royalton, VT March 2012.​

​Presenter, "Still Useful After All of These Years: The role of Client Advice Letters in Producing Practice Ready Lawyers", New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers Annual Conference, Concord, NH, December 2011

​Moderator of panel discussion on "Program Models in Legal Writing and Research: Burdens, Benefits, Limitations," New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers Regional Conference, South Royalto​n, VT, December 2007.

Panelist, "Title IX and its Implications," Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, April 2004.​

​Guest speaker, "Reform or Revolution? Assessing Proposals and Prospects for Change in College Sports," The Summit on Sports Reform, Lake George, NY, November 2003.

​"What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been: Title IX and the Legal Battle for Gender Equity in College Sports," Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston, MA, September 3-6, 1998.

​Guest speaker, "Continuing the Revolution: Title IX and the Reform of College Sports," ​University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, November 1994.

Awards & Accomplishments

Other Accomplishments or Activities

​Coordinator of Appellate Advocacy, Vermont Law School, 2008 - current.​
​Board Member, National Institute for Sports Reform, Selkirk, NY, 2003.​

​Member, Indiana Bar Association.

​Coach of National Moot Court Team, Vermont Law School, 2008 - current.​​

​Chair, Publications Committee, Vermont Bar Association, Montpelier, VT, 1997-1999.

​Deputy Director, Sports Law Institute, Vermont Law School, 2011 - current.

​Author of newspaper op-ed commentaries about state and national politics. ​


​Member, American Bar Association.

​Member, The Drake Group (formally National Alliance for College Athletics Reform). Elected to Executive Committee, July 2012.

​Member, American Political Science Association.

​Member, Legal Writing Institute.

​Member, Vermont Bar Association.