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Octavius Henderson
Board of Trustees - Members

Octavius Henderson

Student Member, Vermont Law and Graduate School Board of Trustees

Octavius Henderson


Octavius Henderson is a rising 2L from Brookhaven, Mississippi. Before his acceptance into law school, Octavius attended the historical and prestigious Tougaloo College. Tougaloo College sits within the heart of Mississippi, Jackson, its capital city. Octavius graduated from Tougaloo College in May of 2022 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

After graduating from Vermont Law & Graduate School, Octavius plans to begin his career in the Midwest with aspirations to pursue family law. Though Mr. Henderson’s options remain amendable, his goal is to provide legal assistance to families from every corner of the world. This goal stems from Mr. Henderson’s participation in a small firm positioned in Jackson, Mississippi, Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project. This small but determined law firm provided low-income families with legal representation who would not have been assisted otherwise. Someday, Octavius intends to open a community center in his hometown, Brookhaven, to reach and mold young African American children with dreams to pursue acting, agriculture, culinary arts, dance, and foreign language barriers. Outside of determining his future, Octavius enjoys traveling, exercising, and maintaining a consistent appreciation for modern films.