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Dr. Rita Davis-Cannon
Adjunct Faculty
Online Faculty

Dr. Rita Davis-Cannon

Adjunct Professor
Online Learning Program

Dr. Rita Davis-Cannon


Dr. Rita Davis-Cannon is a career Crime Victim Rights Advocate currently serving as the Director of Victim Services for the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia. In this role, she provides statewide consultation, trainings, networking and professional development to Georgia’s victim witness assistance personnel. Additionally, this platform allows her to present the needs and concerns of crime victims to the community, elected officials, agencies, and public policy makers through education, resources, collaboration, and advocacy.

When she is not speaking at community forums on the significance of collaborative efforts to support the rights of victims, she is serving on local and national boards advocating for change. Rita’s most prized accomplishment was the publication of her research dissertation titled, “Assessing common factors that exist among victims of Intimate Partner Violence: The Possibility of predicting victim cooperation with Criminal Prosecutions”.

Rita’s relentless fight for victim rights have been consistent for the past 21 years. Her works continue to contribute to the sweeping changes found in our criminal justice systems. More importantly, her life and her works are responsible for profoundly changing the lives of thousands of crime victims.