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Justine Darling
Adjunct Faculty
Online Faculty

Justine Darling

Course Developer
Online Learning Program
Center for Justice Reform

Ph.D., Ed., San Diego State University

M.A., University of San Diego

Curriculum Vitae

Justine Darling


Dr. Andreu Darling began her restorative journey as a GED teacher and legal advocate for homeless youth at the Covenant House in Newark, New Jersey. Her passion for addressing the school to prison pipeline led her to pursue an MA in Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego and a PhD in Education at San Diego State University. Justine is a restorative trainer, facilitator, consultant, and researcher focused on addressing inequities in the education system through the use of restorative justice practices. In 2011, she co-founded the restorative justice program at the University of San Diego, which supports residential life, student affairs and the conduct office in using both proactive and responsive restorative processes to build a stronger community and address harms in a relational way. Most recently she served as the Director of Restorative Justice Practices at the National Conflict Resolution Center overseeing restorative implementation across San Diego in K-12 schools, universities, communities, organizations, and the criminal justice system. Currently, Justine teaches at the University of San Diego's Center for Restorative Justice in the Restorative Justice Certificate Program. She has also had the honor of learning first hand from global restorative practices including the Youth Justice Agency in Northern Ireland, the Gacaca Courts of Rwanda, and Maori Family Group Conferencing in New Zealand.