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Lisa Bedinger
Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Bedinger

Adjunct Professor
Center for Justice Reform
Summer Session CJR


Lisa Bedinger


Lisa Bedinger is the director of the South Burlington Community Justice Center and is self-employed as a Restorative Conversation Consultant. She has a master’s degree in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies. Lisa works with Vermont educators, schools and school districts to bring a restorative philosophy and practices to how schools operate in order to transform their culture and climate. She has worked most extensively with the Burlington School District over the past 6 years to support their implementation of restorative practices district-wide, that is focused on creating equitable outcomes and trauma-informed schools in which all students and employees can flourish. Lisa is skilled at working with others to repair harm along the lines of race and other identities as well as innovating new restorative applications and approaches.