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Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory

Adjunct Faculty
Instructional Designer
Heather Gill-Frerking, Vermont Law School
2017 Human Rights Fellow
Clara Gimenez
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Ethics and Professionalism; Disability Law; Evidence

Elijah Gleason, Vermont Law School
Assistant Director of Career Services
Vermont Law School Directory
Adjunct Faculty
Senior Research Fellow
Kevin Goodan
Adjunct Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Writing

Oliver Goodenough, Vermont Law School
Research Professor

Expertise: Business Law; Corporations; Defamation and Libel Law; Energy Law and Regulation; Intellectual Property and Copyright Law; Internet and Communications Law; Science and the Law

Leigh Goodmark
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Emily Gould
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Molly Gray JD'14, Vermont Law School
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: International Human Rights; National Security

Anna Grear
Professor of Law and Theory, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University
Kevin Griffin
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Family Law; Civil Procedure

Joe Haase, Researcher for the Institute for Energy and the Environment
David Hall
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Business Law; Corporations; Nonprofit Corporations; Constitutional Law; State and Government Law

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Mario Hankerson, JD'07
Externship Instructor

Expertise: Intellectual Property and Copyright Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; Corporations

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Litigation and Mediation