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Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory

Beth Locker, Vermont Law School
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning
Director, JD Externship Program
Professor of Law

Expertise: Experiential Education; Child Welfare; Professional Development

Reed Loder
Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Ethics; Judicial Ethics; Property Law; Animal Law; Ethics and Professionalism

Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky
Adjunct Professor of Law
Carolina Maciel headhsot
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Animal Law

Catherine MacKenzie
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: International Environmental Law; International Law

Office Manager
Photograph of a Law Student in front of the Vermont State Capitol building
Legal Food Hub Fellow
Visiting Professor

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation; International and Comparative Law

General Maintenance Technician
Immigration Staff Attorney
Assistant Professor
James May, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law Emeritus

Expertise: Clinical Legal Education; Disability Law; Family Law; Poverty Law

Adjunct Professor
Photograph of Dean Beth McCormack
Dean, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law

Expertise: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Advocacy; Arbitration; Constitutional Law; Legal Writing; Mediation

Molly McDonough
Communications Manager
Amy McDowell, Vermont Law School
Bookstore Manager
Brian McGarry
Visiting Professor
Brenda McKinney
Course Developer

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Senior Instructional Designer
Educational Technology Coordinator