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Fresh Focus

Andy Meeks oversees fundraising effortsat the nonprofit conservation trust in Portland Ore., and calls himself a “disrupter of the status quo” in the fight for clean and abundant fresh water. The organization’s approach, known as quantified conservation focuses on measurable outcomes to deliver innovative water-management solutions, using big data, geospatial imaging technologies and mobile software.

“Quantified conservation emphasizes transparency and scientific rigor and has the potential to elevate the conservation sector from not only doing good work but to also being a highly accountable and investable instrument of change. I’m very proud to be a part of these efforts,” says Meeks, whose favorite activity in the water is fly fishing.

“Fresh water is the world’s lifeblood. It unites our communities, sustains native fish and wildlife, and serves as the hidden fuel for our economy,” he says. “Yet our freshwater resources are becoming less resilient every day.”