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Celebrating International Restorative Justice Week Through Art

A charcoal drawing of abstract men and women with lines connecting to one another's heads and brightly colored eyes.
"Eyes Open, Minds Open" by Zora Duncan

Every year, the RJ4All International Institute celebrates International Restorative Justice Week. This year, RJ Week took place from November 21 – 28, and the National Center on Restorative Justice (NCORJ) marked the occasion by unveiling their restorative justice art gallery, titled “Reimagining Justice.”

The NCORJ issued a call to artists and restorative justice advocates to creatively represent a restorative approach to justice-making, or to advance public understanding and implementation of restorative justice through art. Submissions were open to all artistic forms. They received pieces across a broad array of mediums, including paintings, illustrations, digital art, fiber art, photographs, poetry, short stories, interactive media, and videos.

All of the submissions, including those featured here, can be viewed on the National Center’s gallery website, where you can also see the submissions from last year.