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Human Rights

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Vermont Law School blog articles featuring stories and projects about human rights campaigns, issues, cases, and more. From stories on how VLS students are making changes in the human rights field of law to legal assistance volunteer projects helping asylumseekers, learn how VLS students and faculty are influencing the human rights world.

Moot Court CompetitionStudents Represent VLS at Moot Court Competition

May 16, 2018
Five VLS students represented VLS this winter at National Moot Court competitions. Kira Kelley ’18 and Samantha Doyle ’19 represented VLS at the 26th Annual National NALSA Moot Court Competition and Sarah Munger ’18, Sabrina Camboulives ’18, and Matthew Arnold ’18 advanced to the quarterfinals at the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. Read more »​​​​​​

Global Reach Joseph Kaifala, VLS Law BlogGLOBAL REACH WITH JOSEPH KAIFALA JD'13

November 18​​​​​​, 2016
Born in Sierra Leone, VLS alum Joseph Kaifala ​​​now return​​​s to the country he used to call home to rebuild schools and libraries​.​​ Read more »​​​​​​

Global Reach Carina Roselli, VLS Law BlogGLOBAL REACH WITH CARINA ROSELLI JD'13

November 16​​​​​, 2016
A former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, VLS alum Carina Roselli sees a bigger fight environmental preservation.​ Read more »​​​​​​

Global Reach Olga Kariyawasam, VLS Law BlogGLOBAL REACH WITH OLGA KARIYAWASAM LLM'12

November 12, 2016
VLS alum Olga Kariyawasam's credentials​​ speak for themselves as her bilingual assets are in high demand in a globalized economy.​​​ Read more »​​​​​​

Global Reach Shazia Khan, VLS Law BlogGLOBAL REACH WITH SHAZIA KHAN JD'03

November 8, 2016
VLS alum Shazia Khan is on a mission to provide a country with 55 million people without electricity the power they need.​​ Read more »​​​​​​


September 28​, 2016
I​n her work and in her teaching, Stephanie Farrior has shown that the fight for social justice knows no boundaries.​​



June 24, 2016
Over spring break a group of VLS students volunteered with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project in Texas to provide legal assistance to asylum​-seeking mothers and children being held at detention centers by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.