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Community Solar for Farms, Small Business, and Residences


July 29, 2020

VLS Energy Clinic
An Energy Clinic team investigates a solar project site

The Energy Clinic is preparing to file the 45-day notice to be followed by the application for a Certificate of Public Good for a 150 kW net metered community solar array on Putting Down Roots Farm in Royalton, Vermont. In addition to the local farm, the clinic has partnered with local nonprofit BALE and Catamount Solar to plan and develop this unique community solar project. The Energy Clinic's work has been supported by a USDA Renewable Energy for America Program Technical Assistance Grant. This project and our future work is also supported by an innovative seed capital grant from VSECU.

Is your farm, small business or household interested in being a part of the clean energy revolution and going solar? If so we have ownership shares in WRCS still available (Green Mountain Power customers only) and we are looking for the perfect sites for our next projects. We also have lots of resources to get a solar or micro-hydro project going including how to guides, model land and rooftop leases, model requests for proposals and much more.  We can also assist farms and small businesses in Vermont in New Hampshire to apply for USDA REAP grants and assess your clean energy options. Does your convenience store, pizza place, brewery or local organic farm want to go solar and make a commitment to your customers, employees, and neighbors to have a softer impact on the planet? For more information email us at