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Scholarships for Returning Students

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For Returning Students

All scholarships are awarded based on the program in which a student matriculates into. Should a student change program or status, scholarship awards will be reconsidered and rewarded (if applicable). Scholarship recipients should be aware that the total annual scholarship and/or grant funding a student receives may not exceed a student’s annual standard tuition charges. This includes institutional, endowed and named scholarships, outside scholarships, and employer benefits. Students who receive scholarships and/or grants in addition to their merit-based award will have their institutional aid reduced if the total of their merit aid, scholarships, and/or grants exceeds their annual tuition charges.

Dean’s Scholarship Awards

Awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Following the first year of law school, students ranking in the top 20 percent of the class with demonstrated financial need may qualify for supplemental scholarship support through Dean’s Scholarship Awards. Funding from this fund is used to supplement existing VLS scholarship awards to bring the scholarship funding up to the following levels:

GPA amount of award but not more than existing scholarship
3.6 to 3.699 12.5%
3.7 to 3.799 25%
3.8 to 3.899 37.5%
3.9 to 4.0 50%​

Summer start AJDs will be eligible for Dean’s Scholarship at the end of the fall semester.


The Rubin Fellowship was established in 1985 to honor the memory of Zander Rubin, the first Director of the South Royalton Legal Clinic. The Fellowship provides an annual stipend of at least $3,000 to support a student's summer legal work on behalf of clients who are disadvantaged or are members of traditionally underrepresented groups.


The Chase Fellowship is awarded annually to the student, or students, whose proposed activities in the area of civil rights or public interest advocacy promise to contribute significantly to the cause of social justice. Chase Fellowships will be available to students following the completion of their first or second year at Vermont Law School. These will support full or part-time work in an appropriate legal setting.


The Vermont Law School Equal Justice Foundation is part of a network of law school organizations that promote summer internships with public interest organizations. EJF Fellowships are based entirely on voluntary contributions. These contributions support summer internships that aid traditionally underrepresented groups and address legal issues that are not receiving adequate attention.


Barrister's Bookstore Board of Directors awards a $2,000 fellowship to three first or second year Vermont Law School students pursuing a summer internship in the area of public interest law. As a result of the fellowship, the student is able to work for an organization that serves the public, the poor or traditionally underrepresented groups, which often offer little or no pay to legal interns. The fellowship seeks to increase awareness of the lawyer's obligation to serve the public. It also encourages students to consider careers in public service by enabling them to pursue such legal opportunities during the summer.


This Fellowship has been established to honor the memory of Jonathan J. Williams, Vermont Law School Class of 1987. Through his legal career and personal life, Jonathan demonstrated unfaltering commitments to helping those most in need, to bringing justice to those for whom justice is most elusive, and to work tirelessly toward making our community more tolerant and more diverse. This fellowship provides a stipend in the amount of up to $4,000 for a worthy student to work toward the goals that Jonathan held dear, to address fundamental injustices and to build bridges between culturally diverse communities.


The Summer Federal Work-Study Fellowship is awarded to Vermont Law School students as a way to subsidized work opportunities for our students during the summer. Prior to completing their degree(s), students may be eligible for funding to support fulltime or part-time employment during the summer months. Preference is given to rising 3rd year students. The number and amount of awards is determined by the level of funding provided by the federal government to the Law School each year. Funds received from this opportunity are expected to be used towards your educational expenses associated for the next year.


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