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International Exchange Applicants

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The Application Process

Vermont Law School’s International and Comparative Law Program offers programs with leading law schools around the globe.

To be considered for admission you need to complete the following procedure:

  1. Ensure that your home institution is a partner institution with Vermont Law School
  2. Complete home institution’s exchange process
  3. Nomination will be reviewed through the International and Comparative Law Program
  4. If accepted, you will complete VLS’s Visiting and Exchange Application

Visiting and Exchange Application Required Documents

Please contact your home institution for specific application requirements. Generally VLS will require:

  • Current transcript translated in English
  • Professional Resume
  • Short essay describing your interest in VLS
  • Letter of good standing/permission to attend VLS
  • Admission letter from our International and Comparative Law Program

Questions regarding VLS’s International and Comparative Law Program can be directed to:

International Admissions and Services

Immigration and Visa Information:

Student Visa. An F-1 Student Visa is a non-immigrant visa status which allows you to study full time at a SEVIS approved institution. All incoming international exchange students who wish to study on an F-1 Student Visa will be issued a Form I-20. The Form I-20 is a non-immigrant document that is required to achieve your student visa. To learn more about the F-1 Student visa process please visit Study in the States.

As an incoming F-1 Student and before your I-20 can be created, it is required of you to provide proof of funds for tuition, fees, and living expense for the duration of your program of study. The amount you are required to show will vary depending on the agreement Vermont Law School has with your home institution. Vermont Law School requires the completion and submission of an International Student Affidavit to document your proof of funds.

You can submit your International Student Affidavit before or after acceptance. You can complete your International Student Affidavit here.

Along with your International Student Affidavit the following supporting documents must be included: bank statements and or a letter from the bank with the total amount of available funds designated for your course of study.

Your International Student Financial Affidavit and supporting documents should be emailed directly to International Admissions and Services at